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SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode Class Reference

Node that implements an binary operator. More...

#include <ExprNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ExprBinaryOpNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, ExprNode *b, char op)
virtual ExprType prep (bool wantScalar, ExprVarEnvBuilder &envBuilder)
virtual int buildInterpreter (Interpreter *interpreter) const
 builds an interpreter. Returns the location index for the evaluated data More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeExpr2::ExprNode
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, const ExprType &type)
virtual ~ExprNode ()
bool isVec () const
 True if node has a vector result. More...
const Expressionexpr () const
 Access expression. More...
std::string toString () const
 Access to original string representation of current expression. More...
const ExprTypetype () const
 The type of the node. More...
void addError (const std::string &error) const
 Register error. This will allow users and sophisticated editors to highlight where in code problem was. More...
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, const ExprType &type)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, ExprNode *b)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, ExprNode *b, const ExprType &type)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, ExprNode *b, ExprNode *c)
 ExprNode (const Expression *expr, ExprNode *a, ExprNode *b, ExprNode *c, const ExprType &type)
const ExprNodeparent () const
 Access parent node - root node has no parent. More...
int numChildren () const
 Number of children. More...
const ExprNodechild (size_t i) const
 Get 0 indexed child. More...
ExprNodechild (size_t i)
 Get 0 indexed child. More...
void swapChildren (size_t i, size_t j)
 Swap children, do not use unless you know what you are doing. More...
void removeLastChild ()
 Remove last child and delete the entry. More...
void addChild (ExprNode *child)
 Add a child to the child list (for parser use only) More...
void addChildren (ExprNode *surrogate)
 Transfer children from surrogate parent (for parser use only) More...
void setPosition (const short int startPos, const short int endPos)
 Remember the line and column position in the input string. More...
short int startPos () const
 Access start position in input string. More...
short int endPos () const
 Access end position in input string. More...
short int length () const
 Access length of input string. More...
bool checkCondition (bool check, const std::string &message, bool &error)
 Checks the boolean value and records an error string with node if it is false. More...
bool checkIsValue (const ExprType &type, bool &error)
 Checks if the type is a value (i.e. string or float[d]) More...
bool checkIsFP (const ExprType &type, bool &error)
 Checks if the type is a float[d] for any d. More...
bool checkIsFP (int d, const ExprType &type, bool &error)
 Checks if the type is a float[d] for a specific d. More...
bool checkTypesCompatible (const ExprType &first, const ExprType &second, bool &error)
 types match (true if they do) More...

Public Attributes

char _op

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeExpr2::ExprNode
void setType (const ExprType &t)
 Set type of parameter. More...
void setTypeWithChildLife (const ExprType &t)
 Set's the type to the argument but uses the children to determine lifetime. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SeExpr2::ExprNode
const Expression_expr
 Owning expression (node can't modify) More...
 Parent node (null if this the the root) More...
std::vector< ExprNode * > _children
 List of children. More...
bool _isVec
 True if node has a vector result. More...
ExprType _type
int _maxChildDim
unsigned short int _startPos
 Position line and collumn. More...
unsigned short int _endPos

Detailed Description

Node that implements an binary operator.

Definition at line 450 of file ExprNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode::ExprBinaryOpNode ( const Expression expr,
ExprNode a,
ExprNode b,
char  op 

Definition at line 452 of file ExprNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

int SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode::buildInterpreter ( Interpreter interpreter) const
virtual LLVM_VALUE SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode::codegen ( LLVM_BUILDER  )

Reimplemented from SeExpr2::ExprNode.

ExprType SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode::prep ( bool  dontNeedScalar,
ExprVarEnvBuilder envBuilder 

Prepare the node (for parser use only). See the discussion at the start of SeExprNode.cpp for more info.

Default is to call prep on children (giving AnyType as desired type). If all children return valid types, returns NoneType. Otherwise, returns ErrorType. Note: Ignores wanted type.

Reimplemented from SeExpr2::ExprNode.

Definition at line 461 of file ExprNode.cpp.

References SeExpr2::ExprNode::_type, SeExpr2::ExprNode::checkIsFP(), SeExpr2::ExprNode::checkTypesCompatible(), SeExpr2::ExprNode::child(), SeExpr2::ExprType::isFP(), SeExpr2::ExprNode::prep(), and SeExpr2::ExprNode::setType().

Member Data Documentation

char SeExpr2::ExprBinaryOpNode::_op

Definition at line 458 of file ExprNode.h.

Referenced by buildInterpreter().

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