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1 /*
2  Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.
4  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
5  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License
6  and the following modification to it: Section 6 Trademarks.
7  deleted and replaced with:
9  6. Trademarks. This License does not grant permission to use the
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11  Licensor and its affiliates, except as required for reproducing
12  the content of the NOTICE file.
14  You may obtain a copy of the License at
16 */
17 #ifndef ExprEnv_h
18 #define ExprEnv_h
20 #include <vector>
21 #include <map>
22 #include <cassert>
23 #include <memory>
25 #include "ExprType.h"
26 #include "ExprLLVM.h"
27 #include <iostream>
30 namespace SeExpr2 {
31 class ExprVarRef;
32 class ExprLocalVar;
33 class ExprNode;
34 class ExprLocalFunctionNode;
35 class Interpreter;
38 class ExprLocalVar {
39  protected:
43  public:
44  ExprLocalVar(const ExprType& type) : _type(type), _phi(0), _varPtr(0) {}
46  virtual ~ExprLocalVar() {}
49  const ExprLocalVar* getPhi() const { return _phi; }
51  ExprType type() const { return _type; }
53  virtual void setPhi(ExprLocalVar* phi) { _phi = phi; }
56  virtual LLVM_VALUE codegen(LLVM_BUILDER,const std::string& name,LLVM_VALUE referenceType) LLVM_BODY;
59  virtual LLVM_VALUE varPtr() {return _varPtr;}
62  int buildInterpreter(Interpreter* interpreter) const;
64 };
67 // This is basically like single assignment form inspired. hence the phi node nomenclature.
68 class ExprLocalVarPhi : public ExprLocalVar {
69  public:
70  ExprLocalVarPhi(ExprType condLife, ExprLocalVar* thenVar, ExprLocalVar* elseVar)
71  : ExprLocalVar(ExprType()), _thenVar(thenVar), _elseVar(elseVar) {
72  // find the compatible common-denominator lifetime
73  ExprType firstType=_thenVar->type(),secondType=_elseVar->type();
75  _type=((firstType.isFP(1) ? secondType : firstType).setLifetime(firstType, secondType));
76  }
77  // lifetime should be the minimum (error=0,varying=1,uniform=2,constant=3).
78  // i.e. you can only guarantee something is constant if the condition, ifvar, and else var are the same
79  _type.setLifetime(firstType,secondType,condLife);
80  }
82  bool valid() const{
83  return !_type.isError();
84  }
86  void setPhi(ExprLocalVar* phi) {
87  _phi = phi;
88  _thenVar->setPhi(phi);
89  _elseVar->setPhi(phi);
90  }
94 };
97 class ExprVarEnv {
98  private:
99  typedef std::map<std::string, std::unique_ptr<ExprLocalVar>> VarDictType;
101  typedef std::map<std::string, ExprLocalFunctionNode*> FuncDictType;
105  // i.e. a=3;a=[1,2,3];a=[2];a will yield 2 entries in shadowedVariables
106  std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ExprLocalVar>> shadowedVariables;
109  std::vector<std::vector<std::pair<std::string,ExprLocalVarPhi*>>> _mergedVariables;
114  protected:
115  ExprVarEnv(ExprVarEnv& other);
118  public:
119  // TODO: figure out when anotherOwns is needed
121  ExprVarEnv() : _parent(0) {};
123  ~ExprVarEnv();
126  void resetAndSetParent(ExprVarEnv* parent);
128  ExprLocalFunctionNode* findFunction(const std::string& name);
130  ExprLocalVar* find(const std::string& name);
132  ExprLocalVar const* lookup(const std::string& name) const;
134  void addFunction(const std::string& name, ExprLocalFunctionNode* prototype);
136  void add(const std::string& name, std::unique_ptr<ExprLocalVar> var);
138  // void add(ExprVarEnv & env,const ExprType & modifyingType);
140  // static bool branchesMatch(const ExprVarEnv & env1, const ExprVarEnv & env2);
141  size_t mergeBranches(const ExprType& type, ExprVarEnv& env1, ExprVarEnv& env2);
142  // Code generate merges.
143  LLVM_VALUE codegenMerges(LLVM_BUILDER builder,int mergeIndex) LLVM_BODY;
144  // Query merges
145  std::vector<std::pair<std::string,ExprLocalVarPhi*>>& merge(size_t index){
146  return _mergedVariables[index];
147  }
148 };
151 // It is inspired by IRBuilder's notion of a basic block insertion point
153 public:
156  reset();
157  }
159  void reset(){
160  std::unique_ptr<ExprVarEnv> newEnv(new ExprVarEnv);
161  _currentEnv=newEnv.get();
162  all.emplace_back(std::move(newEnv));
163  }
170  std::unique_ptr<ExprVarEnv> newEnv(new ExprVarEnv);
171  newEnv->resetAndSetParent(parent);
172  all.emplace_back(std::move(newEnv));
173  return all.back().get();
174  }
175 private:
177  std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ExprVarEnv>> all;
180 };
184  ExprEvalResult() : n(0), fp(0), str(0) {}
185  ExprEvalResult(int n, double* fp) : n(n), fp(fp), str(0) {}
186  ExprEvalResult(const char** c) : n(1), fp(0), str(c) {}
187  ExprEvalResult(int n, double* fp, const char** c) : n(n), fp(fp), str(c) {}
189  int n;
190  double* fp;
191  const char** str;
192 };
193 }
194 #endif
ExprEvalResult(int n, double *fp, const char **c)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:187
FuncDictType _functions
Definition: ExprEnv.h:102
ExprLocalVar * _elseVar
Definition: ExprEnv.h:93
std::vector< std::vector< std::pair< std::string, ExprLocalVarPhi * > > > _mergedVariables
Keep track of all merged variables in.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:109
ExprLocalVar(const ExprType &type)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:44
bool valid() const
Definition: ExprEnv.h:82
ExprEvalResult(int n, double *fp)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:185
bool isFP() const
Direct is predicate checks.
Definition: ExprType.h:164
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ExprVarEnv > > all
All owned symbol tables.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:177
ExprType type() const
returns type of the variable
Definition: ExprEnv.h:51
VarDictType _map
Definition: ExprEnv.h:100
Node that contains local function.
Definition: ExprNode.h:307
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ExprLocalVar > > shadowedVariables
Variables that have been superceded (and thus are inaccessible)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:106
int buildInterpreter(Interpreter *interpreter) const
Allocates variable for interpreter.
void add(const std::string &name, std::unique_ptr< ExprLocalVar > var)
Add a variable refernece.
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:73
std::map< std::string, std::unique_ptr< ExprLocalVar > > VarDictType
Definition: ExprEnv.h:99
ExprVarEnv * createDescendant(ExprVarEnv *parent)
Create a descendant scope from the provided parent, does not clobber current.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:169
ExprEvalResult(const char **c)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:186
#define LLVM_BODY
Definition: ExprLLVM.h:35
ExprVarEnv * _currentEnv
The current symbol table (should be a pointer owned by all)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:179
Create a scope with no parent.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:121
size_t mergeBranches(const ExprType &type, ExprVarEnv &env1, ExprVarEnv &env2)
Add all variables into scope by name, but modify their lifetimes to the given type&#39;s lifetime...
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:83
virtual ~ExprLocalVar()
Definition: ExprEnv.h:46
ExprType & setLifetime(const ExprType &a)
Assign the lifetime from type a to be my type.
Definition: ExprType.h:136
ExprLocalVar reference, all local variables in seexpr are subclasses of this or this itself...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:38
Variable scope for tracking variable lookup.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:97
const ExprLocalVar * getPhi() const
get the primary representative phi node (i.e. the global parent of a dependent phi node) ...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:49
The result is computed int int< br >< divstyle="margin-left:40px;"> Picks values randomly between loRange and hiRange based on supplied index(which is automatically hashed).&nbsp
const char ** str
Definition: ExprEnv.h:191
ExprVarEnv & operator=(ExprVarEnv &other)
virtual LLVM_VALUE codegen(LLVM_BUILDER, const std::string &name, LLVM_VALUE referenceType) LLVM_BODY
LLVM value that has been allocated.
void reset()
Reset to factory state (one empty environment that is current)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:159
static bool valuesCompatible(const ExprType &a, const ExprType &b)
Checks if value types are compatible.
Definition: ExprType.h:173
ExprLocalVar * find(const std::string &name)
Find a variable name by name (recursive to parents)
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:31
std::map< std::string, ExprLocalFunctionNode * > FuncDictType
Definition: ExprEnv.h:101
ExprLocalFunctionNode * findFunction(const std::string &name)
Find a function by name (recursive to parents)
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:41
Evaluation result.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:183
ExprVarEnv * current()
Return the current variable scope.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:165
Definition: ExprLLVM.h:34
virtual LLVM_VALUE varPtr()
LLVM value that has been pre-done.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:59
bool isError() const
Definition: ExprType.h:168
ExprLocalVar const * lookup(const std::string &name) const
Find a const variable reference name by name (recursive to parents)
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:51
ExprVarEnv * _parent
Parent variable environment has all variablesf rom previou scope (for lookup)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:112
void resetAndSetParent(ExprVarEnv *parent)
Resets the scope (deletes all variables) and sets parent.
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:27
void setPhi(ExprLocalVar *phi)
sets the representative phi node (like a brute force set unioning operation) phi is the set represent...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:86
ExprLocalVar * _thenVar
Definition: ExprEnv.h:93
ExprLocalVar join (merge) references. Remembers which variables are possible assigners to this...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:68
ExprNode * _condNode
Definition: ExprEnv.h:92
Definition: ExprEnv.h:42
LLVM_VALUE codegenMerges(LLVM_BUILDER builder, int mergeIndex) LLVM_BODY
ExprLocalVar * _phi
Definition: ExprEnv.h:41
Definition: ExprLLVM.h:33
ExprLocalVarPhi(ExprType condLife, ExprLocalVar *thenVar, ExprLocalVar *elseVar)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:70
void addFunction(const std::string &name, ExprLocalFunctionNode *prototype)
Add a function.
Definition: ExprEnv.cpp:60
void setCurrent(ExprVarEnv *env)
Set a new current variable scope.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:167
Creates an empty builder with one current scope entry.
Definition: ExprEnv.h:155
std::vector< std::pair< std::string, ExprLocalVarPhi * > > & merge(size_t index)
Definition: ExprEnv.h:145
virtual void setPhi(ExprLocalVar *phi)
sets the representative phi node (like a brute force set unioning operation) phi is the set represent...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:53
Variable scope builder is used by the type checking and code gen to track visiblity of variables and ...
Definition: ExprEnv.h:152