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ExprControl.h File Reference
#include <QtGui/QTextBrowser>
#include <QtGui/QPlainTextEdit>
#include <QtGui/QDialog>
#include <QtCore/QTimer>
#include <QtCore/QRegExp>
#include <QtGui/QLineEdit>
#include <QtGui/QCheckBox>
#include <QtGui/QSlider>
#include "ExprCurve.h"
#include "ExprColorCurve.h"
#include "ExprDeepWater.h"

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struct  GenericCurveEditable< TVAL >
class  ExprControl
 Base class for all controls for Expressions. More...
class  ExprLineEdit
 Line Editor Widget(used for numbers) More...
class  ExprSlider
 Generic Slider (used for int and float sliders) More...
class  ExprChannelSlider
 Channel Slider (i.e. for colors) More...
class  NumberControl
 Number slider for either float or int data. More...
class  VectorControl
 A vector or color control (named vector because it edits a SeExpr2::Vec3d literal) More...
class  StringControl
 A control for editing strings, filenames, and directories. More...
class  CurveControl
 Control for editing a normal curve ramp. More...
class  CCurveControl
 Control for editing a color ramp curve. More...
class  AnimCurveControl
class  ColorSwatchControl
 A control for editing color swatches. More...
class  DeepWaterControl
 Control for displaying a deep water spectrum. More...




typedef GenericCurveEditable
< SeExpr2::Vec3d
typedef GenericCurveEditable
< double > 


template<class T , class T2 , class T3 >
clamp (const T val, const T2 minval, const T3 maxval)
 clamp val to the specified range [minval,maxval] More...

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Definition at line 43 of file ExprControl.h.

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template<class T , class T2 , class T3 >
T clamp ( const T  val,
const T2  minval,
const T3  maxval 

clamp val to the specified range [minval,maxval]

Definition at line 92 of file ExprControl.h.