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AnimCurveControl Class Reference

#include <ExprControl.h>

Inheritance diagram for AnimCurveControl:

Public Types

typedef void(* AnimCurveCallback )(const std::string &, animlib::AnimCurve &curve)

Public Slots

void editGraphClicked ()
- Public Slots inherited from ExprControl
void linkStateChange (int state)

Public Member Functions

 AnimCurveControl (int id, AnimCurveEditable *curveEditable)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExprControl
 ExprControl (int id, Editable *editable, bool showColorLink)
virtual ~ExprControl ()
virtual QColor getColor ()
 Interface for getting the color (used for linked color picking) More...
virtual void setColor (QColor color)
 Interface for setting the color (used for linked color picking) More...
void linkDisconnect (int newId)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setAnimCurveCallback (AnimCurveCallback callback)

Private Slots

void refreshClicked ()

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static AnimCurveCallback callback =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from ExprControl
void controlChanged (int id)
void linkColorEdited (int id, QColor color)
void linkColorLink (int id)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ExprControl
int _id
bool _updating
QHBoxLayout * hbox
QCheckBox * _colorLinkCB
QLabel * _label

Detailed Description

Definition at line 267 of file ExprControl.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* AnimCurveControl::AnimCurveCallback)(const std::string &, animlib::AnimCurve &curve)

Definition at line 275 of file ExprControl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AnimCurveControl::AnimCurveControl ( int  id,
AnimCurveEditable curveEditable 

Member Function Documentation

void AnimCurveControl::editGraphClicked ( )
void AnimCurveControl::refreshClicked ( )
void AnimCurveControl::setAnimCurveCallback ( AnimCurveCallback  callback)

Definition at line 812 of file ExprControl.cpp.

References callback.

Referenced by ExprControlCollection::setAnimCurveCallback().

Member Data Documentation

AnimCurveEditable* AnimCurveControl::_editable

Definition at line 269 of file ExprControl.h.

Referenced by AnimCurveControl(), editGraphClicked(), and refreshClicked().

ExprGraphPreview* AnimCurveControl::_preview

Definition at line 272 of file ExprControl.h.

Referenced by AnimCurveControl(), editGraphClicked(), and refreshClicked().

AnimCurveControl::AnimCurveCallback AnimCurveControl::callback =0

Definition at line 285 of file ExprControl.h.

Referenced by refreshClicked(), and setAnimCurveCallback().

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