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ExprBuiltins.h File Reference
#include "ExprFunc.h"
#include "Platform.h"

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void SeExpr2::initPerlin ()
double SeExpr2::deg (double angle)
double SeExpr2::rad (double angle)
double SeExpr2::cosd (double x)
double SeExpr2::sind (double x)
double SeExpr2::tand (double x)
double SeExpr2::acosd (double x)
double SeExpr2::asind (double x)
double SeExpr2::atand (double x)
double SeExpr2::atan2d (double y, double x)
double SeExpr2::clamp (double x, double lo, double hi)
double SeExpr2::round (double x)
double SeExpr2::max (double x, double y)
double SeExpr2::min (double x, double y)
double SeExpr2::invert (double x)
double SeExpr2::compress (double x, double lo, double hi)
double SeExpr2::expand (double x, double lo, double hi)
double SeExpr2::fit (double x, double a1, double b1, double a2, double b2)
double SeExpr2::gamma (double x, double g)
double SeExpr2::bias (double x, double b)
double SeExpr2::contrast (double x, double c)
double SeExpr2::boxstep (double x, double a)
double SeExpr2::linearstep (double x, double a, double b)
double SeExpr2::smoothstep (double x, double a, double b)
double SeExpr2::gaussstep (double x, double a, double b)
double SeExpr2::remap (double x, double source, double range, double falloff, double interp)
double SeExpr2::mix (double x, double y, double alpha)
Vec3d SeExpr2::hsi (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::midhsi (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::rgbtohsl (const Vec3d &rgb)
Vec3d SeExpr2::hsltorgb (const Vec3d &hsl)
double SeExpr2::hash (int n, double *args)
double SeExpr2::noise (int n, const Vec3d *args)
double SeExpr2::snoise (const Vec3d &p)
Vec3d SeExpr2::cnoise (const Vec3d &p)
Vec3d SeExpr2::vnoise (const Vec3d &p)
double SeExpr2::turbulence (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::vturbulence (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::cturbulence (int n, const Vec3d *args)
double SeExpr2::fbm (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::vfbm (int n, const Vec3d *args)
Vec3d SeExpr2::cfbm (int n, const Vec3d *args)
double SeExpr2::cellnoise (const Vec3d &p)
Vec3d SeExpr2::ccellnoise (const Vec3d &p)
double SeExpr2::pnoise (const Vec3d &p, const Vec3d &period)
double SeExpr2::dist (double ax, double ay, double az, double bx, double by, double bz)
double SeExpr2::length (const Vec3d &v)
double SeExpr2::hypot (double x, double y)
double SeExpr2::dot (const Vec3d &a, const Vec3d &b)
Vec3d SeExpr2::norm (const Vec3d &a)
Vec3d SeExpr2::cross (const Vec3d &a, const Vec3d &b)
double SeExpr2::angle (const Vec3d &a, const Vec3d &b)
Vec3d SeExpr2::ortho (const Vec3d &a, const Vec3d &b)
Vec3d SeExpr2::up (const Vec3d &P, const Vec3d &upvec)
double SeExpr2::cycle (double index, double loRange, double hiRange)
double SeExpr2::pick (int n, double *params)
double SeExpr2::choose (int n, double *params)
double SeExpr2::wchoose (int n, double *params)
double SeExpr2::spline (int n, double *params)
void SeExpr2::defineBuiltins (ExprFunc::Define define, ExprFunc::Define3 define3)